Matthews: Hatred, Racism Motivates GOP Opposition To Obama

Matthews: Hatred, Racism Motivates GOP Opposition To Obama

MSNBC host Chris Matthews appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show Monday night and returned to a familiar refrain when trying to explain Republican opposition to President Obama’s deficit spending policies and the Affordable Care Act. “I think it’s hatred, I don’t think it’s politics.”: 

I think you’re seeing in these people a tad – a very bad tad – of Joe McCarthy in this thing that Cruz is up to. Certainly a lot of Newt Gingrich. A lot of revolutionary anger that’s unfocused, it’s free-floating, and a lot of it has to do with we have our first black president.

McCarthyism, hatred and racism, that’s how Matthews explains the opposition to Obamacare. Matthews expanded on the racism charge by pointing out that in the midst of a weekend protest of military veterans demanding access to the open-air memorials on the national mall that the Obama Administration had ordered shuttered during the partial government shutdown one protester waved a confederate battle flag in front of the White House. “They wouldn’t have shown that if a white guy was in there.”

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