'Tea-Tards': OFA Shutdown Rally Draws Fewer than Two Dozen

'Tea-Tards': OFA Shutdown Rally Draws Fewer than Two Dozen

The White House attempt to turn Organizing for America into a major political force like the right-leaning Tea Party has suffered a second humiliation in just a few months. In August, not a single person showed up for a Climate Change rally. Tuesday, fewer than two-dozen OFA protestors showed up at a “Budget Shutdown Day of Action” rally on Capitol Hill.

When today’s rally was first announced, Politico reported that this was OFA’s “first attempt to stage a large rally at the Capitol.”

As you can see in the top photo, a member of President Obama’s political army, or someone welcomed among them, held a large sign attacking the Tea Party as “Tea-Tards.” This of course will get none of the media play Sunday’s much bigger Veterans’ rally got when some idiot showed up with a Confederate flag. This allowed the media to Alinsky the Veterans and to falsely paint the rally as one filled with racist-extremists. This also allowed the media to distract from the rally’s overall message — something the media will never do to Barack Obama with a “Tea-Tard” sign. 

Although almost all of the hate-speech and violent rhetoric in this shutdown debate has come from Democrats and the elite media, it is nameless idiots on the right who receive all of the attention from our unbiased, objective, not-at-all-liberal media.


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