Shutdown Ratings: CNN Sinks to Third; Fox Dominates

Shutdown Ratings: CNN Sinks to Third; Fox Dominates

As someone who watches somewhere around 12 hours of CNN a day, I can tell you that outside of politics, the cable news network is nowhere near as appealing and watchable as MSNBC. So it is not surprising that during a Big News Week, CNN has sunk to third place behind MSNBC. Fox News, as usual, dominated.

There are somewhere around a hundred or so ad-supported cable channels, and out of all of them, Fox News came in fourth last week–behind only AMC, ESPN, and TBS. Fox averaged 1.17 million total day viewers and 1.905 million primetime viewers.

MSNBC placed 20th in primetime with 803k viewers, and 18th in total day viewers with 503k. CNN hit 32nd place in primetime and 26th place in total day, with 508k and 433k viewers, respectively.

Since Jeff Zucker took the reins, this is the first time CNN has lost in the ratings to MSNBC during a big news event.  While the two left-wing networks fight back and forth when the news isn’t so dramatic, during the Boston Marathon bombing and the George Zimmerman trial, CNN jumped ahead of the Lean Forward network.

CNN has two major problems…

1. Too many objectively unappealing anchors to count.

2. A left-wing bias every bit as obnoxious as MSNBC, but a gratingly dishonest one because the network poses as objective.


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