Trump to NY Mag Readers: Cancel Your Subscriptions

Trump to NY Mag Readers: Cancel Your Subscriptions

Real estate mogul and conservative political figure Donald Trump called on New Yorkers and Americans to cancel their subscriptions to New York Magazine after its senior editor Dan Amira attacked his wife on Twitter on Friday, saying that she is just waiting for Trump “to die.”

Trump had Tweeted out a New York Post article about how New York Magazine was failing financially and was considering switching to a biweekly publishing schedule. “@NYMag’s sales are so dismal that w/ its record 2013 losses it is going bi-weekly,” Trump tweeted with a link to the Post story before advising the magazine it “Should end pain & just fold.” 

“I love watching the dishonest writers @NYMag suffer the magazine’s failure,” Trump added in a follow-up tweet about the liberal magazine’s continued failures.

In response to that second Tweet, Amira wrote back to Trump: “Your wife is waiting for you to die.”

Trump responded harshly to Amira for his distasteful rhetoric.

“A terrible statement like that shows how desperate you and your magazine are,” Trump wrote via Twitter. “You should be ashamed.”

“No wonder @NYMag is doing so poorly, with an idiot Sr. Editor like @DanAmira, it will only get worse!” Trump added in another tweet.

Trump then called on Americans and New Yorkers to cancel any subscriptions to New York Magazine over Amira’s comments.

“I hope everyone that read @DanAmira’s reprehensible statement will cancel their subscription to @NYMag in protest,” Trump tweeted. “Let me know.”

After Trump called for New York Magazine readers to cancel their subscriptions, Amira then said he wants Trump to live. 

“Forthe record, as a blogger, I want Donald Trump to continue living andlying and pretending he might run for office for a long, long time,”Amira tweeted.