MSNBC: Republicans 'Flubbed' Obamacare Website Launch

MSNBC: Republicans 'Flubbed' Obamacare Website Launch

As each day passes and the public finds just how much of a failure the Obamacare website has become, left-wing cabler MSNBC has found the culprit: The Republicans “flubbed” the launch. 

Yes, the website the GOP did not support for the law that not one Republican had a hand in, much less voted for, is the fault of the Republicans.

During MSNBC’s Morning Joe show helmed by Joe Scarborough on October 19, MSNBC featured a title at the bottom of the screen–what in the TV biz is called a “chyron”–that proclaimed the following: “Missed Messages, GOP Flubs Obamacare Launch.”

Later in the segment the chyron was changed to read, “Sick of, GOP’s missed opportunity.”

Despite a screen title that tried to shift fault to the GOP, the segment that the chyron introduced, featuring former Obama official Robert Gibbs and others, did not really contain much talk about what the GOP did or did not do and instead focused mainly on the major mistakes that the Obama administration perpetrated in the launch of the website.

But even many on the right are saying that focusing on the shut down obviated from the mess that has been the Obamacare website launch and that the GOP failed to use this mess to its advantage.

One can easily say, though, that Americans have not missed the message that is an abject failure. Even those that do not pay attention to politics per se but have tried to engage the Obamacare website have learned first hand that the whole thing is a crushing failure.

Regardless, as each day passes Americans are finding out more about these failures. It was discovered that the bones of the website are made from technology that is out of date and ten years old. It was also learned that the company that Obama gave $634 million in tax dollars to create the website has a record of failure and was once fired by the Canadian government for its poor performance.

It has also been reported that even those few Americans who have been successful in signing up and sending their personal info to insurance companies through the Obamacare website are still not necessarily engaged in the new healthcare system. Insurance companies are reporting this week that the data they are receiving from is garbled, incorrect, and otherwise not useful for them. So many Americans who thought they were all through and ready to go will soon be finding out that this is not the case.

It has also been reported that one state has spent $12,000 for each applicant that has successfully signed up. The amount that the country spends per person on healthcare is only around $8,000 annually, so this state is spending more just to sign people up than the average costs per person of the actual care received.

But leave it to MSNBC to try and focus on tiny and inconsequential Republican failures in the midst of massive failures by team Obama and his Obamacare website debacle. It is a typical case of attempted misdirection for that the progressive media establishment is so well known for.

Obama administration’s attempt to blame their failures on others can be read in a recent Politico piece where an “unnamed” Obama official is quoted saying that the website was kept close to the vest and the work given to Obama’s insider pals because officials feared that GOP efforts at government transparency would hold up the work.