Piers Morgan: Bill O'Reilly 'Is a D-ck'

Piers Morgan: Bill O'Reilly 'Is a D-ck'

In an October 16 interview on the Howard Stern show, CNN’s Piers Morgan said Fox New’s Bill O’Reilly “is a d-ck.” 

Morgan’s feathers were ruffled because he saw the Fox News host at a New York Knicks game and invited himself on O’Reilly’s show, only to be rejected. 

According to Politico, O’Reilly appeared as if he did not know who Morgan was.

At some later point, Morgan says O’Reilly approached him and “asked if he would take a picture with his daughter and her friend.” Still, it was not “because they recognized him from CNN” but from “America’s Got Talent.”

Stern asked Morgan if he thinks O’Reilly does not like him because he works for CNN and Morgan said, “No, I think he is a d-ck.”

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