Shutdown Week 2: Fox Dominates, CNN Sinks to 3rd

Shutdown Week 2: Fox Dominates, CNN Sinks to 3rd

Yet another terrible week during a Big News week for CNN. During both weeks of the government shutdown, CNN not only got the now-expected trouncing from Fox News, but MSNBC also handily beat The Least Trusted Name In News … again.

In all of cable, during this last  week, CNN placed 32nd during primetime and 27th in total day. MSNBC beat CNN by more than ten places during primetime by landing at 21st. In total day, the Lean Forward network won by seven places, coming in at 20th.

By comparison, Fox News came in 4th in primetime and 5th in total day. Fox also  drew more viewers than both its cable news counterparts combined.

Under new chief Jeff Zucker, CNN enjoyed a brief respite from third place. But too many bad choices to count have put CNN exactly where it belongs: back in last place.  


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