CBS News Hits Obama Over 'Keep Your Insurance' Promise … Sort Of

CBS News Hits Obama Over 'Keep Your Insurance' Promise … Sort Of

Thursday’s edition of the CBS Evening News actually touched the third rail of the ObamaCare story — the fact that hundreds of thousands are losing the very health insurance President Obama repeatedly promised they could keep. Last night’s segment focuses on a young woman who lost her insurance and will now see her premiums and deductible skyrocket. But the segment does gloss over a few things:

The context missing from the report is that it is not just “better” and “more comprehensive” coverage being forced on people. It is also coverage many neither want nor need. Whether you like it, or even need it, we are now all being forced to pay for drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment; maternity and newborn care; contraception; and even vision and dental — both of which were affordable in the free market.

CBS also doesn’t mention that when you are forced into switching health care plans, you might also end up losing the doctor Obama promised you could keep.

Basically, CBS put the best possible spin on what is and will continue to be an unsettling, stressful, expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient issue for millions.

The CBO predicts that up to 20 million people could lose their health insurance due to ObamaCare, which means that the president broke a solemn promise to a whole swath of middle class Americans, who are now dealing with a grenade being tossed in to their lives.

While I’m glad CBS is reporting that fact, the selective contextual reporting about what it all means is obviously meant to mitigate any serious political fallout for the president.

Also worthy of note is a CBS This Morning report on the lopsided numbers of Medicaid vs. private insurance buyers. The ObamaCare Ponzi scheme might already be falling apart:



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