'Elephant': Time Mag Cover Mocks Christie's Weight

'Elephant': Time Mag Cover Mocks Christie's Weight

Using a silhouetted head shot of the newly re-elected Republican governor of New Jersey, this week’s Time Magazine cover (see above) doesn’t even try to be subtle. In an obvious shot at Chris Christie’s weight, the caption reads “The Elephant In the Room.”

Hillary Clinton has a fairly serious weight problem of her own (she is also 15 years older than Christie), but under no circumstance can you imagine any mainstream media outlet that claims to be objective doing anything like this to her.

And this is not the first, and will not be the last time the media attempts to make a mockery of Christie using his weight. Back in February, CNN’s Jim Acosta went on a week-long rampage against Christie’s weight, going so far as to warn viewers that the Republican could die in the Oval Office.

The way the mainstream media destroys Republicans is through a very simple formula of finding a way to undermine their competence. No one is going to vote for someone whom they believe to be incompetent. And nothing undermines competence more than becoming a national joke. This is why left-wing satirists like Jon Stewart and the cast of “Saturday Night Live” are very careful in their approach to Barack Obama.

The media obviously see Christie’s weight as a path to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. So left-wing outlets like Time and CNN are making it an issue. Next comes the comedians, and so on…

The media love Christie now because he is a useful weapon against conservatives. But once Christie becomes a real threat to putting a Democrat in the White House, the media and Morning Joe Establishment will turn on him just like they did McCain and Romney. This Time cover is just laying the groundwork for the inevitable.


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