Horowitz Brings His Unique Insight to Heritage Special Event

Horowitz Brings His Unique Insight to Heritage Special Event

As the GOP continues its navel-gazing and soul-searching in response to the defeat of Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia’s Gubernatorial race on Tuesday, The Heritage Foundation remembers that in order to defeat one’s opponents, one must first understand them. And nobody understands the left better than David Horowitz.

Horowitz has spent the bulk of his professional life dissecting the workings of the American left. As a former member in good standing, he has a unique perspective on how it operates and, more importantly, how to defeat it.

On November 12, Horowitz will bring that perspective to The Heritage Foundation to discuss the launch of his 12-volume collected writingsThe Black Book of the American Left. Horowitz says that this collection of writings will document “the changes of a shape-shifting movement that constantly morphs itself in order to conceal its abiding identity and mission, which, as these pages will make clear, is ultimately one of destruction.”

Rob Bluey, Heritage Director of the Center for Media and Public Policy and host of the event, says, “David Horowitz brings a perspective about the progressive left that is vital to understanding the political debates playing out in America today. If conservatives are going to achieve policy victories in the future, we must first recognize the challenges we face. And at the top of that list is the American left.”

Terry McAuliffe showcased classic leftist tactics in the VA race when he launched a tsunami of negative ads against Cuccinelli to great effect, painting him as a misogynist eager to enslave women with children they don’t want. His ads perpetuated a mythological War on Women meme.

Perhaps one day conservatives will learn how to master and overcome these tactics, and actually eke out important victories. Until they do, Horowitz will continue to show them the pathway to get there.

As Bluey says, “David is spot on in his analysis of the left’s dominance over America’s academic and media cultures. There are few people better equipped to explain how that happened than David. Heritage looks forward to welcoming him to share his past association with the progressive left and the path to victory for conservatives in the future.”

Who knows? Maybe it will sink in this time.

You can RSVP for the event and watch online here.