Carville's Advice to Obama: 'Take a Toke' On a 'Crack Pipe'

Carville's Advice to Obama: 'Take a Toke' On a 'Crack Pipe'

James Carville should thank the good Lord he is a Democrat today. On Monday’s “Morning Joe,” the colorful strategist suggested President Obama boost his poll numbers by taking “a toke on the mayor of Toronto’s crack pipe.” Carville was referring to the fact that Toronto mayor Rob Ford currently has a higher approval rating than Obama, even after the mayor admitted he smoked crack cocaine.

In the most recent poll, Ford sits at 44%, compared to Obama, who sits at 39%.

If anyone should understand this seemingly counterintuitive polling result, it should be Carville. After all, it was Bill Clinton who proved that a politician can survive personal scandals, lying about said scandals, even perjury. Obama, however, is cratering after being caught red-handed perpetrating a fraud on the American people.

After relentlessly reassuring Americans over three-plus years that ObamaCare wouldn’t result in anyone losing their health insurance, the first month of ObamaCare’s official rollout proved the president a liar around five million times.

The public is much more forgiving of the sins surrounding a personal weaknesses than learning their president hustled them like a cheap used car salesman.

As far as Carville being lucky to be a Democrat, as we saw with the phony racial uproar surrounding Newt Gingrich’s description of Obama as the “food stamp president,” Democrats and many in the elite media immediately connect  things like welfare to “black people.” So blinded are they by their own bigotry, the elite assume that the GOP is racist, even though they are the ones connecting a negative stereotype to a specific group of Americans.

Were Carville a Republican, you can bet that the left and elite media would have once again revealed their own bigotry by declaring Carville racist over what was nothing more than a colorful way to make his point.



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