Boston Globe: Obama Needs to Give Another Speech

Boston Globe: Obama Needs to Give Another Speech

It looks as though President Obama’s media enablers are as out of ideas as Obama is. In a Friday editorial, The Boston Globe’s Scot Lehigh writes that he believes that one of the few remaining ways Obama can turn his failing presidency around, and save his disastrous health care bill, is to do what he has done a gajillion times before: give a speech.

The president needs to tackle this head on, in a high-profile way, rather that acting as though these are mere bumps in the road. He needs to start by apologizing, fully and sincerely and with no qualifications, for leading people down the primrose path. Not at a rally. Not at a press conference. In a prime-time address.

There, he needs to do something that this administration has failed to do in a clear, sustained, persuasive way: Explain why, despite the rocky roll-out, the false promise, the ongoing problems, this law should be a very good thing for the country.

For four years, Barack Obama made speech after speech after speech to sell ObamaCare. He even made primetime speeches. Nothing ever moved the needle. ObamaCare has never been popular, so why anyone would believe that practicing the definition of insanity is a good idea is beyond me.

This advice is especially bad, though, because the fallout of ObamaCare is just beginning. Unless the president is going to use his primetime address to warn people about what is coming next, the speech will only come back to haunt him late next year when the employer market starts to crumble.


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