Report: CNN's Don Lemon Gets 11PM Slot

Report: CNN's Don Lemon Gets 11PM Slot

Mediate reports that Don Lemon will get the 11:00 PM slot on CNN. 

Lemon has been the anchor of the weekend broadcast “CNN Newsroom,” where he wraps up the week’s biggest stories and often has interviews or roundtable discussions on issues involving race relations and crime. He recently made headlines by suggesting New York’s “Stop and Frisk” policy was not a bad idea, raising the ire of black activists who rail against the policy as racist. 

According to the report, Lemon has been informed that last weekend was his final stint on “CNN Newsroom” and he will begin preparing the 11:00 PM show, a “one-topic show tackling important issues of the day, either reported or vastly underreported, from Lemon’s unique perspective,” for a December tryout. 

Notable in the appointment of Lemon to the evening line-up is that he will be the second openly gay man delivering news every night on CNN along with his colleague Anderson Cooper.