$1,000 for Coffee with Luke Russert

$1,000 for Coffee with Luke Russert

Luke Russert has joined a charity effort. To benefit the GO Campaign, Russert has donated himself for a $1,000 coffee date.

The webpage page shows an auction that ends on December 12. The description informs potential bidders: “Enjoy coffee on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. with NBC congressional correspondent Luke Russert!”

The Go Campaign was founded in 2006 by Hollywood screenwriter Scott Fifer and was originally conceived as a charity to help children in Tanzania and Africa and still focuses on the region even as it has sent funding to Asia and Central and South America.

Go Campaign has a loosely defined charter saying only that it “raises awareness and funds to help orphans” by supporting “projects at the grassroots level that bring direct relief to children in need of education & vocational training, medical care, enrichment programs, and basic human rights.”