Bayer to Keep Advertising on MSNBC After Bashir's Palin Scat Rant

Bayer to Keep Advertising on MSNBC After Bashir's Palin Scat Rant

The media watchdog Truth Revolt has a company on the record saying they will not withdraw advertising from MSNBC after host Martin Bashir stated former Alaska governor Sarah Palin deserved “s**t” in her mouth and “p**s” in her face.

Truth Revolt contacted the Bayer Group, which advertises its product Aleve on Bashir’s program, and the company offered this response:

Given the wide diversity of media today and wider range of public opinion on any given issue, it would be an impossible task to find a major television network whose entire programming schedule appeals to all audiences. Bayer, like any advertiser who purchases large packages of advertising time, runs the risk of having an occasional ad run on a network that broadcasts programming that may be seen as offensive. Please note that any opinions or views expressed by the network’s news programs or their hosts are solely that of the network, and do not necessarily reflect those of Bayer. Bayer does not play a role in defining network opinions nor do we have any preview to opinions that will be expressed prior to airing.

We appreciate the opinions you have expressed. While there may always be reasonable differences over what constitutes acceptable programming, we do try to exercise good judgment in selecting networks on which to advertise. Please be assured that we will share your feedback with our Media Buying group.

When Truth Revolt made repeated attempts to ask if Bayer would withdraw their advertising solely from Bashir’s show rather than the entire network, Bayer refused to answer.

After last Friday’s attack on Palin, the public outcry led Bashir to offer an apology on Monday.