CNN Host Says Criticizing Obamacare Is 'Dangerous'

CNN Host Says Criticizing Obamacare Is 'Dangerous'

Host Chris Cuomo is afraid of all this anti-Obamacare talk going on in Washington these days. He says it’s “dangerous.”

Cuomo’s fear was revealed as he hectored Texas Senator Ted Cruz during the November 20 broadcast of his early morning CNN show, New Day.

Cuomo seemed to take the same track Representative Pelosi took when she said we had to pass the law to see what’s in the law when he criticized the Senator’s anti-Obamacare points saying that since the law has barely even been implemented we can’t know it’s going to be so bad. Apparently, we have to see it implemented to find out how bad the implementation is.

“How can we say it’s not working when it isn’t implemented yet,” Cuomo asked Cruz. “How can you say premiums are skyrocketing when they haven’t put the plans into effect yet? You’re being a little dangerous with how much political spin you’re putting on something that’s so central to the well-being of so many families?”

The Senator then kindly informed Cuomo that we’ve already seen this law hurt the five million Americans who have already lost their health insurance because of Obamacare.

In reply, Cuomo switched tactics scolding Cruz saying that instead of trying to get Obamacare repealed, Cruz should be “helping” people by trying to fix Obamacare. Cuomo then criticized Cruz for not offering any solutions.

Smooth as ever, Cruz thanked the CNN host for “trying to lecture me in the morning,” but stuck by his positions.