ObamaCare: Local Media Goes Where Mainstream Media Won't

ObamaCare: Local Media Goes Where Mainstream Media Won't

A CBS News affiliate in Virginia tells the story of a cancer patient losing her employer-based insurance. Townhall’s Guy Benson calls the segment “unsparingly brutal,” and that it is:

[Debra] Fishericks is (a) fighting kidney cancer, (b) loves her soon-to-be-canceled employer-based coverage, (c) can’t find an affordable policy on Obamacare’s exchange that allows her to keep her doctors, and (d) tearfully frets that the new regime will be so punitive and expensive that she won’t have enough money to visit her beloved grandchild. A genuine parade of horribles. Fishericks’ experience shreds four core promises of Obamacare: She can’t keep her plan, she can’t keep her doctor, she can’t afford the new options, and she falls beyond the administration’s “five percent” deception. She’s one of the millions who will lose their group coverage status over the next few years.

Here is the report:

The owner of the realty company Fishericks works for says that because ObamaCare resulted in the cancellation of the policy she offered her employees, and the replacement is too expensive, she can no longer afford to offer her employees that benefit. This means that come June, Fishericks will be forced onto the ObamaCare exchange to fend for herself like millions of others.

It is almost certain that before the end of next year a second wave of cancellations is going to lay waste to the employer-market. Tens of millions could lose their employer-based insurance. The national media is covering this fact up (just like they have covered up everything else negative about ObamaCare until it’s too late).

Hopefully, this report from Virginia is a sign that the local news media will go where  the national media have thus far refused.


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