Politico Spends Thanksgiving Weekend Promoting Children of Permanent Political Class

Politico Spends Thanksgiving Weekend Promoting Children of Permanent Political Class

On Friday before the Thanksgiving weekend, Politico, the inside-the-beltway “scorekeeping” publication for  members of the bipartisan permanent political class focused on self-perpetuation, devoted a considerable portion of its front page helping them do exactly that. 

On its homepage, Politico had story on Sasha Obama, President Barack Obama’s daughter who may decide whether the Obamas remain in Washington after her father’s term ends in 2016.

The outlet profiled Josh Romney, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s son, whom some in Republican circles want to challenge Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) in a primary. Josh Romney has expressed interest in one day running for office. Mitt Romney’s dad, George, was also a presidential candidate and former governor of Michigan. 

The front page also had a story on Jenna Bush-Hager, former President George W. Bush’s daughter whose father-in-law, John Hager, is himself a legendary political figure in Virginia, having served as the Republican Party chair in the Commonwealth.

The publication was looking far into the future because there were no stories about two of the most prominent potential “next-in-line” dynastic politicians–George P. Bush, Jeb Bush’s son who is running for Texas land commissioner, and Chelsea Clinton, who is rumored to have an interest in running for public office in the future. Hillary Clinton, Chelsea’s mother and the wife of former President Bill Clinton, is considering running for president in 2016. 

Politico has been accused of being heavily biased in favor of the conventional wisdom propagated by the bipartisan members of the permanent political class that the publication promotes while also relying on it for most of its scoops and stories. The outlet often enables Washington’s establishment spokespeople to discredit those from the left and the right who challenge that conventional wisdom or those in D.C.’s permanent political class.