Chris Matthews Trades 'Leg Thrill' for 'The Christmas Eve Excitement'

Chris Matthews Trades 'Leg Thrill' for 'The Christmas Eve Excitement'

Wednesday night, MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews announced that his interview with the president, which is scheduled for today, gave him “the Christmas Eve excitement.” Outside the left-wing fever swamp of MSNBC, Matthews is perhaps most famous to the American people for his 2008 comment about how an Obama speech put a “thrill up his leg.”

In his latest campaign effort to rehabilitate his sinking presidency and health care law, President Obama will sit down with Matthews this afternoon in front of a group of college students. The audience is no accident. Obama desperately needs healthy Millennials to be stupid enough to overpay for ObamaCare as a way to make his redistributionist scheme work.

Right now polls show that Millennials are in fact not stupid enough. Heck, 52% want Obama ousted from office.

Regardless, Obama knows he can count on Matthews — an unapologetic Obama fanboy — to do him as much good as anyone could over the course of that hour. For his part, Matthews has already telegraphed his loaded softballs:

It’s going to be a powerful night of serious questions, certainly from me, about the political dysfunction at the top of our government these days, questions about executive management methods in light of the health care rollout, questions about voter suppression efforts across the country. I’m also going to ask the president about war and peace questions, the moral issues involved with the use of drone strikes, how we can avert war with Iran. …

Unfortunately, America’s still being assaulted by the bizarre politics of Benghazi, birtherism and, bingo, crazed notions that this president should be removed from office, either because he’s committed unclear crimes or because he is somehow an illegal alien who should never have been elected in the first place, someone who deserves not just to be thrown from office but deported to East Africa or somewhere more distant. Yes, we’ve got a wild and woolly right wing out there that cares darn thing about facts, only about the need to strike a blow for, as I said, Benghazi, birtherism or, bingo, they’re talking impeachment.

 Apparently, that whole “Hardball” thing is a relative term.

Which leaves only one question: Is “The Christmas Eve Excitement” a full-bodied “leg tingle,” or is it something more?


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