Chuck Todd Slams NBC Colleague Donald Trump

Chuck Todd Slams NBC Colleague Donald Trump

NBC News White House correspondent Chuck Todd took to Twitter to hammer Donald Trump Tuesday as reports of his interest in a gubernatorial run in the state of New York began to circulate: 

It’s all well and good for Todd to make his feelings about Trump’s peripatetic flirtations with political office known to the world, but one wonders how this criticism will sit with Trump. After all, Donald Trump is more than just a public figure worthy of Todd’s criticisms; he is also a big star in the NBC Entertainment line-up with his hugely successful “The Apprentice” franchise. 

Trump is known to fire back at media critics and he never pulls a punch. It’s reasonable to think that hearing this kind of push-back from someone in the NBC family will not sit well with him. 

If this turns into another high-profile feud that Trump often engages in, the suits at the peacock network might not be very pleased with Todd’s Twitter barbs either.