Sexist News Hosts Insist Santa Is Male

Sexist News Hosts Insist Santa Is Male

I’ve remained silent long enough. I am disgusted and offended by Touré, Don Lemon, Piers Morgan and all the other cable news hosts who continue to insist that Santa Claus is a man. 

In their continued effort to demonize Megyn Kelly (the most dangerous woman in the media) as racially insensitive for correctly proclaiming that Santa Claus is white, these misogynistic, sexist pigs continue to demean and offend women. 

Who are these men to proclaim that Santa is a man? How do they know? Are they now saying that single moms shouldn’t be allowed to dress up like Santa to deliver presents to their kids on Christmas Eve? Where are single moms supposed to find a man to do this important task?

And why do department stores, theme parks, and cities only employ men to play Santa at Christmas time? This is an affront to gender equality and the media pigs and CNN and MSNBC are empowering their sexist hiring policies. 

Sexist pig Don Lemon had an entire segment Tuesday night featuring multi-racial Santas intent on showing Megyn Kelly to be the racist Neanderthal that she is. Of course, Lemon seems to only care about race and is completely and hypocritically hateful when it comes to gender rights. You guessed it, the black, white, Latino and Asian Santas were all male. 

Watch the sexist segment here: 

Piers Morgan tried to paint Ann Coulter as a racist for proclaiming Santa is white but he clearly showed his hateful misogyny in this segment in which he describes how “Dads” dress up like Santa for their children. Dads, Piers? Why do you hate Moms so much?  

Watch Sexist Pig Morgan here: