Sharpton Snags Interview with Michelle Obama

Sharpton Snags Interview with Michelle Obama

In the Obama White House’s quest to shore up its base, First Lady Michelle Obama will be doing an interview with race-baiter, MSNBC host, and National Action Network head Al Sharpton. This makes the third open ally of the Obama administration getting a prestigious interview with the White House, after Chris Matthews’ drooling MSNBC interview with President Obama, and Obama’s interview with comedian and daytime television sycophant Steve Harvey. Matthews famously remarked that Obama gave him a “thrill” up his leg; Harvey has stated that Obama is a “great man in history”; Sharpton has called Obama “the new Kennedy.”

The Obama administration’s poll numbers have been dropping steadily since the rollout of Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act program. The attempt to halt that slide has thus far met with little success.

UPDATE: This post originally labeled Michelle Malkin First Lady of the United States. That, obviously, was incorrect. The good news: she appreciated the compliment.

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