Phony Fact-Checker PolitiFact: We Didn't See It, So Walker Lied

Phony Fact-Checker PolitiFact: We Didn't See It, So Walker Lied

The fraudsters at PolitiFact have struck again, this time at Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. In a phony fact-check published at The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the left-wing fact-check site rates an anecdote in Walker’s new book “Unintimidated”  as “false” because no one in the media saw it.  Even though Walker has two witnesses other than himself, including a Wisconsin State Trooper, PolitiFact declares the Governor a liar because there are no media reports to back the claim that his car was assaulted by pro-union protesters.

Right Wisconsin:

Just when you think PolitiFact can’t become any more of a joke…

In today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the ‘journalists’ at PolitiFact set out to prove whether or not an incident described in Governor Walker’s book actually happened.

In their hackneyed analysis, they label false the claim that the Governor’s car was surrounded and rocked by protesters after an event in LaCrosse.

What proof do they have that the event did not happen?


According to Walker, during the bitter and violent protests that took place during the winter of 2011 in the wake of the governor’s move to end public union collective bargaining, at a public event in LaCrosse, pro-union protesters blocked, beat on, and rocked the governor’s car.

On top of Walker’s two eye witnesses, there is also the fact that the way the governor traveled afterwards was changed. He started traveling exclusively by plane and doing events at airports.

None of this, however, is good enough for the left-wing smear merchants at PolitiFact, who refuse to even give Walker the benefit of the doubt. Also glossed over is the fact that the violence committed by pro-union protesters was very real and frequently downplayed, dismissed, or outright ignored by local media.

At the very least, PolitiFact should have rated the incident as “unverifiable.”

PolitiFact’s assertion that “the right people did not see it, so it’s a lie” is not fact-checking. It is character assassination.

The problem for Walker is that PolitiFact’s entire reason for being is to lie to undermine Republicans and lie even more to protect boondoggles like ObamaCare. The mainstream media then colludes with PolitiFact to spread those lies as facts.

If past is prologue, Walker will now not be allowed to get out of any interview or debate without being asked when he stopped beating his wife — to prove a negative.

Wearing the sheep’s clothing of an objective fact-checker backed by universal mainstream media acceptance, PolitiFact is an incredibly powerful tool for the left when it comes to undermining the credibility of GOP stars with the added benefit of taking them off message.

PolitiFact’s goal here is not to illuminate but to smear and distract a rising GOP star.