Poll: CNN's Week-Long Campaign for Wendy Davis Backfires

Poll: CNN's Week-Long Campaign for Wendy Davis Backfires

For over a week in February, led by Wolf Blitzer, CNN devoted countless hours to boost Wendy Davis, the abortion extremist Democrat running to become governor of Texas. Using a guilt-by-association tactic, Blitzer and CNN relentlessly hurled fireballs at Davis’s Republican opponent Greg Abbott for sharing a stage with right-wing rocker Ted Nugent, who had called President Obama  a “subhuman mongrel” months before.

A just-released polls shows that CNN turning itself into a full-bodied campaign outlet for Davis definitely failed to the move the ball for Davis, but might have even backfired. Abbott is currently surging past Davis by a 14 point margin, 51 to 37 percent.

In early February, the gap was three points narrower, 47 to 36 percent.

Contrary to what CNN might believe, Texas voters are not stupid and undoubtedly saw through a left-leaning cable network and one of its star anchors pretending to be indignant over Nugent’s words when the truth is that they were only interested in using Nugent as a whipping boy to bloody Abbott and give Davis a boost.

We know this for a fact because at the time Nugent made his comments, CNN said nothing.

Laughably, this is the same CNN that is much more guilty of guilt-by-association than Abbott. After Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a “c*nt” and “dumb tw*t,” CNN not only didn’t condemn him or Democrats for associating with him, CNN seemed to reward the left-wing comedian by inviting Maher to guest-anchor Piers Morgan’s now-cancelled show.

After just one year as the network’s chief, Jeff Zucker has driven CNN into the ratings ground. When CNN attempts to be a news network, the left-wing outlet’s ratings hit near-historic lows.  

The only way CNN has been able to boost its ratings to slightly above humiliating is through the exploitation of stories like the missing Malaysian airliner — the kind of stories that turn the network into a punch line even among  its left-wing colleagues in the mainstream media.

And now we have a poll out of Texas proving that this once-mighty network can’t even ding a politician despite devoting almost all of its resources against him day after day after day…


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