The Daily Beast: NRA the New Marlboro Man, Santa Barbara Its Fault

The Daily Beast: NRA the New Marlboro Man, Santa Barbara Its Fault

On May 24 The Daily Beast ran a column by Cliff Schecter comparing the NRA to tobacco companies and blaming it for Elliot Rodger’s heinous Santa Barbara attacks.

According to Schecter, “the NRA enables massacres” by rejecting “science and information,” just their like “[its] friends on the right from the tobacco industry.” In fact, he claims the NRA “will do whatever it takes to make sure we have less [science and information], and more Santa Barbaras.”

He attempted to support these claims by focusing on how the NRA is fighting to prevent Democrats from spending millions of taxpayer dollars to treat guns like cigarettes at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This somehow makes the group culpable in a “public health catastrophe” that the “rich, entitled thugs” who run the NRA perpetuate – along with the “blood drenched 1 percenters who own various staples of the gun industry.”

The NRA is to blame for Santa Barbara because it allegedly spent its time fighting to be sure Americans “have as little access to information as possible that might help save lives.”

By the way, Elliot Rodger is the person who actually carried out the attacks in Santa Barbara. His name does not appear in Schecter’s column.

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