Hometown Paper Endorses Cantor, Makes No Mention of Amnesty

Hometown Paper Endorses Cantor, Makes No Mention of Amnesty

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) hometown paper endorsed him on Friday before the June 10th Virginia primary but conveniently made no mention of his support for amnesty legislation, which has been his greatest liability among conservative voters.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch hailed Cantor for working with Democrats and his support for funding pediatric cancer research. The paper said Cantor is needed on foreign policy, saying he is “situated to reset the reset.” They concluded that “Cantor remains indispensable.” 

Yet, because of Cantor’s previous words and stances, illegal immigrants also see Cantor as being “indispensable.”

But the Times-Dispatch, like Cantor’s website, did not even address illegal immigration and amnesty, which has been the issue that has defined the primary and forced Cantor to scramble and send out several deceptive anti-amnesty mailers framing himself as an anti-amnesty warrior. Cantor has not taken his primary for granted after one of Cantor’s top allies lost a GOP chairmanship post last month. 

Last week, the We Deserve Better PAC tried to set the record straight with a 30-second spot that warned voters that Cantor is itching to cut a deal with President Barack Obama on amnesty for illegal immigrants. Breitbart News reported on the PAC’s efforts, and conservative talk radio hosts like Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham also supported the We Deserve Better PAC’s commercial against Cantor. 

Cantor has enthusiastically supported giving citizenship to illegal immigrants who enlist in the military and to illegal immigrant children. He has said that one of the “founding principles” of the United States is that “children would not be punished for the mistakes of their parents.” That was also included in the House GOP’s immigration principles, which Cantor was instrumental in crafting. But law enforcement officials have noted if that is one of the “founding principles,” Congress would have to grant perpetual amnesty to illegal immigrant children, and more illegal immigrants would flood into the country hoping for amnesty. 

Months after law enforcement officials expressed their concerns, there has been a massive influx of illegal immigrant children crossing the border, forcing Texas to warehouse them, as Breitbart Texas first reported, and dump others off in states like Arizona. 

Anti-amnesty Republicans like Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter have also endorsed Cantor opponent Dave Brat, who has been surging since making his primary fight against Cantor primarily about amnesty.