Fox Reporter Blasts White House, 'Washington Post' Over Diplomatic Security Report

Fox Reporter Blasts White House, 'Washington Post' Over Diplomatic Security Report

Using Twitter Sunday afternoon, Adam Housley, a senior correspondent at Fox News, pointed to what looks like coordination between the Obama Administration and The Washington Post to do an end-run around a story Housley was working on that was critical of the administration’s post-Benghazi security for American diplomats overseas.

Housley’s tweets are embedded in chronological order below, and lay out a scenario where his inquiries to the State Department about diplomatic security resulted in him being stalled with only an official statement. Just a few days later, Housley says, The Washington Post published a pro-administration, nothing-to-see-here puff-piece that makes it look as though the State Department’s security training has been ramped up to where we no longer need to worry.

Apparently, knowing Housley was working the story, the Obama administration stalled the Fox News reporter with the claim that it could only release a statement and, according to Housley, that “it would take a while for an on camera comment or access to training.”

“Yet, amazingly just days after I got only a statement,” Housley writes.”[T]he Washington Post comes out with an article highlighting DS [diplomatic security] training.”

And the Post was given all kinds of access to the training Housley was denied seeing and reporting on.

The Post article Housley references was published Friday, June 6. Richard Leiby reports uncritically and at times glowingly on an intense increase in the State Department’s diplomatic security training, which includes simulated attacks.

Reading Leiby’s piece you would be left with the impression that the lessons of Benghazi have been learned and we can all movie on. Obama’s got this.

Housley says not so fast. Contrary to the Post’s reporting, Housley tweets, “If you know a Diplomatic Security Agent…ask them about their job. How much it has changed. How tough it has become.” He adds, “Ask them about their training. Their demands. Ask them about what changes have been made since Benghazi…if any.”

Housley blasted “the blatant ridiculousness of some in my industry these days…and the PR maneuvers of our government” as “Complete bull.”

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