Fournier: Obama Lies as Bad as Bush

Fournier: Obama Lies as Bad as Bush

In a review of a new book by a journalist who claims George Bush lied to the country in the run up to the Iraq war, National Journal columnist Ron Fournier insists that Obama has been just as bad as Bush with his constant stream of lies to the country.

The book Fournier was reviewing claims that Bush told 935 lies about the US involvement in Iraq. But Fournier notes that Obama has continued that legacy of lies.

“After promising the most transparent and ethical administration in history,” Fournier wrote in his June 22 book review, “Obama picked up where Bush left off–further eroding the public’s faith in the presidency. In his first term, Obama secretly expanded Bush’s anti-terror policies and, during his re-election campaign, he assured Americans that their existing health insurance would not be threatened by Obamacare.”

Despite his assessment of the President, Fournier is still a reliable left-winger and the sort of journalist who writes mostly for left-wing outlets. In fact, he’s so reliably left-wing that he never once notes that, Charles Lewis, the author of the book he praises so heartily in his review, is the man who founded the left-wing Center For Public Integrity–a group that is heavily funded by extreme leftists like George Soros.

As more proof of his liberalism, far back as 2008, Fournier was a big fan of the “accountability journalism” initiated by the Associated Press, a style he claimed would “liberate” journalists to “write the truth,” but was a policy that really just liberated them from writing news and gave them the green light to inject more liberal opinion into the “news.”

But over the last few years especially, Fournier has soured considerably on President Obama. Just to name a few examples of his turn, this year he got sick of defending Obamacare, he has also written about the many Democrats who are quitting on Obama, and in November he flat out wrote that Obama is a liar.

Fournier’s turn has continued. In his review he slammed President Obama and his failed administration by listing a series of Obama’s lies.

For the Obama administration, the book should be a lesson in the consequences of shading the truth for short-term gain. A video caused the Benghazi attack … If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor … The website works for a vast majority of people … Not even a smidgen of corruption occurred at the IRS … Oops, we lost Lois Lerner’s emails … Veterans don’t wait long for health care … Watchdog journalism isn’t a crime … Our administration protects whistleblowers … NSA doesn’t collect any type of data hundreds of millions of Americans–at least not wittingly.

As he warmed to his conclusion, Fournier was more direct writing, “Too often, the Obama administration has peddled bad information–knowingly (a lie) and unknowingly (incompetence and recklessness), because the president and his team have determined that, in Washington’s toxic environment, the unmitigated truth is a vulnerability. They couldn’t be more wrong. “

At least for this left-winger, Obama has failed him and the country.