Obama Offers Reporters Ice Cream, Asks 'Is that Unethical?'

Obama Offers Reporters Ice Cream, Asks 'Is that Unethical?'

Obama says he’s frustrated with the media that have protected and promoted him since 2006. So, while in Minnesota, he offered to buy ice cream for the traveling press corps and joked about trying to bribe them.

The Hill reports that while visiting a location for a Minnesota ice cream chain, Obama said to the press corps traveling with him, “Press, you guys want some? On me. No? Is that unethical? I’m trying to soften you up.”

But this bit of humorous jousting hides a deeper distrust that Obama has for the press. During his various stops, he repeatedly hit on the theme that the media aren’t reporting the proper stories to the American people.

Obama was in Minnesota for yet another $10,000-per-person private fundraiser, but while there, he also launched his “a day in the life” series where he will meet with an American who has a personal problem that he can highlight.

In Minnesota, he met with Rebekah Erler and took the occasion to scold the press for not talking enough about the plight of the Rebekahs of the world.

“You don’t see that on TV sometimes. It’s not what the press and pundits talk about. But I’m here to tell you I’m listening,” he said at one of his stops.

He continued criticizing the press by saying, “If you watch the news, you’d think, ‘Okay, Washington is a mess and the basic attitude is that everybody’s crazy.'”

The President went on to say that he became a politician because of people like Rebekah, but “the press will not report it.” He added, “The only reason I’m in politics is because of you.”

This is the same press corps that constantly photographed Obama with halo effects around his head as if he were a deity. It is also the same press that called him a “light bringer,” and the same press, specifically taxpayer-funded NPR, that noted that the skies clear when he speaks.

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