Huffington Post's 'Nightmare' Story: USA Loses to Belgium in World Cup

Huffington Post's 'Nightmare' Story: USA Loses to Belgium in World Cup

With all the calamities going on in the world, on the afternoon of July 1, The Huffington Post found a “nightmare” story in the loss of Team USA to Belgium at the World Cup, or so said the liberal website’s headline Tuesday afternoon.

Clearly, Team USA’s loss is not a pleasant story, but there are certainly other stories that seem to better qualify as a “nightmare” than a soccer game.

For instance, with the report that three innocent young Israeli teens were murdered and tortured by radical Islamists in the Middle East still fresh in the news, calling a soccer game a “nightmare” might seem just a bit flippant.

Perhaps the story of tens of thousands of illegal aliens flooding the U.S. borders, bringing disease and a humanitarian crisis, all due to loose immigration policies and the Democrats’ push for amnesty, might be more of a “nightmare,” especially since an unaccompanied minor alien from Guatemala has been found dead in Texas. This further denotes the disaster–or nightmare–this immigration mess has become.

But the story of Belgium beating the U.S. in the World Cup with a 2 to 1 final score, eliminating the Americans in round 16 of the international tournament…I guess that is a “nightmare” to HuffPo.

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