Daily Beast Suddenly Discovers Immigration Crisis

Daily Beast Suddenly Discovers Immigration Crisis

With a new article on the rush of illegal immigrants swarming the US southern border, it is almost as if The Daily Beast just noticed that there is an immigration crisis.

On July 2, The Daily Beast apparently realized that “hundreds of immigrants are rushing the border just to get caught.”

The news site reported that “groups of as many as 200 have been crossing the Rio Grande, told by smugglers they’ll face better conditions if nabbed by the Border Patrol.”

Columnist Caitlin Dickson reports, “These people watch TV, too,” meaning that these illegal immigrants, many of them unaccompanied children and teens, are coming here based on news reports that our immigration system is in disarray and that Democrats are pushing amnesty here in the USA. And the numbers are staggering.

“The Southwest border is expected to receive a total of 90,000 lone children and teenagers from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador by the end of this year–that’s not including the kids who cross with their mothers,” she writes.

Of course, all this has been happening for months already, so for the website to just notice is hard to fathom. Unless it is because only now has Obama mentioned a plan to stem this tide.

At the end of the piece, The Daily Beast reports that Obama has just asked for “$2 billion from Congress to plug the holes at the border.” So, perhaps the Beast is only mentioning all this now to help Obama with his push for more spending?

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