Media Slam Sarah Palin's Call for Obama's Impeachment

Media Slam Sarah Palin's Call for Obama's Impeachment

The Old Media are quite unhappy with the call former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made Tuesday to impeach President Obama.

In an exclusive Breitbart News editorial, Palin said that “enough is enough” of the “years of abuse” America has suffered from this President.

“His unsecured border crisis is the last straw that makes the battered wife say, ‘no mas,'” Palin insisted.

Palin went on to list Obama’s massive failures in this current immigration crisis, and she ended with a call to impeach him. “The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored. If after all this he’s not impeachable, then no one is,” she said.

But after her op-ed went live on July 8, a wide range of media outlets jumped to scold Palin for her call to impeachment. From cable TV, to the networks, to newspapers and websites, the left-leaning press were aghast over the Governor’s proclamation.

“Insane” is how CNN’s Erin Burnett characterized Palin’s op-ed in a discussion with Texas Republican Representative Michael McCaul, who, sensibly, did not fall for Burnett’s baiting. Instead, he said he didn’t see any reason to comment on a “hypothetical.” But he did note that these calls for impeachment are indicative of the “frustration” most Americans are experiencing with this border crisis.

The Christian Science Monitor said that Palin’s call for impeachment would only “damage the Republican Party,” instead of Obama, and warned Republicans to ignore such calls.

In a similar vein, The Washington Post claimed that Palin’s call for impeachment was “bad news for the GOP,” not Obama. The Post’s Aaron Blake warned, “Palin and a growing number of conservatives want to press their luck. It’s a huge and unnecessary risk for their party. But then again, politics isn’t so much a team sport in the Republican Party these days.”

USA Today dismissed the call for impeachment, saying that the Senate would never go for it.

The LA Times claimed that with her “loopy” op-ed, Palin has “finally lost it” and “descended into caricature.” The piece by Robin Abcarian progressed with one bout of name-calling after another.

For some time already, Bloomberg’s Jonathan Bernstein has been on record calling anyone angling for impeachment an “irresponsible nutjob,” and with Palin’s op-ed, he was again at his keyboard to disparage calls for impeachment, calling Palin’s op-ed “irresponsible” and a “fantasy.”

Several websites also lambasted Palin.

One of the oddest attacks came from Hollywood gossip site, which accused Palin of wanting workers to “work 40 hours a week so they can live in poverty.”

Instead of dealing with Palin more directly, Huffington Post tried to ambush her former running mate, Sen. John McCain, hoping he’d slam his one-time VP candidate. He didn’t take the bait.

Commentary called Palin’s proposition an example of “unserious politics.” said that Palin’s call for impeachment was “dangerous” because it “normalizes other lunacy.”

Certainly, many others in the Old Media criticized Palin, as well, but these select few serve well to illustrate the tenor of those reports.

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