Politico Hates the GOP – Part 11,385

Politico Hates the GOP – Part 11,385

Another day, another front page at the left-wing Politico where 5 of the 6 top stories attack Republicans. Look at the lead… Politico’s targeting former-Vice President Dick Cheney like it’s 2005. That is Politico’s way of making Cheney pay a price for daring to be critical of Obama. 

Oh, and look, Politico is targeting Mike Huckabee like it’s 2000. That is Politico doing battle prep for Hillary in the event the former-governor throws his hat in the 2016 ring. 

To be fair, Politico is in a tough spot. Though the site poses as objective, Politico is almost completely dependent on MSNBC for broadcast traction in the world of cable television. 

Were Politico to start, say, reporting on President Obama and his Administration scandals with the same scrutiny they show a Vice President whose been out of office for more than a half-decade, the left-wing outlet would risk alienating an extremist left-wing cable outlet that rewards Politico’s biases with a ton of free airtime. 

Politico survives in large part by giving the highly partisan MSNBC what it needs.

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