WaPost Covers For Obama, Claims GOP Didn't Visit Border Enough

WaPost Covers For Obama, Claims GOP Didn't Visit Border Enough

As Obama takes heat from his inaction on the illegal immigration surge across the southern U.S. border, a Washington Post columnist thinks it’s the GOP that needs criticism because lawmakers haven’t been to the border enough times to suit the him.

The July 17 article reveals a neck breaking pro-Obama spin — the Post hints that Obama shouldn’t be getting any abuse over his refusal to visit the border even once during this crisis. Why? Because GOP lawmakers haven’t been there enough.

In a piece titled, “Many Obama critics have also not been to the border recently,” writer Sebastian Payne, the Post’s 2014 Stern Fellow, chides those chiding Obama because they didn’t go to the border enough times.

“The surge in migrant children trying to cross into the United States at the southern border has led to sustained Republican criticism of President Obama for not visiting the site of the crisis,” the young reporter notes. 

“But many of those critics have themselves not been to the border in the past few months,” he tsks.

Payne goes on to disapprovingly point out that many of the most vocal Republican senators and Congressmen who have criticized Obama for refusing to go to the border even one time during this crisis have themselves not been there… lately.

But it is the “lately” that makes all the difference. While Obama has not only not gone to the border, he has famously and openly refused to go claiming, as Payne reports, he doesn’t want to engage in “photo ops.”

But Payne undermines his own criticism by listing all the times these GOP critics of the President have gone to the border. Then he undermines his point further by reporting the trips that are planned for the near future.

Meanwhile, Obama is still refusing to go even once.

Of course, not every last Congressman has to go to the border. That’s what they have committees for, after all. But we have only one president, and his refusal to take much interest in the crisis is itself a crisis of leadership.

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