Chuck Todd Launches Rant Against MSNBC — Without Knowing It

Chuck Todd Launches Rant Against MSNBC — Without Knowing It

Of late, NBC political director Chuck Todd has been launching rants both on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and his own “Daily Rundown.” Welcome to the cynical state of media today. It’s called branding – creating viral YouTube moments. It has nothing to do with journalism, but the new thinking in the MSM’s elite bubble is that “attitude” sells, and MSNBC obviously needs all the snake oil it can get.

Wednesday on “Morning Joe,” Todd launched into what seemed a well-rehearsed rant about how all this DC talk about impeachment is “disgusting” and “embarrassing… playground stuff… what drives people away from polls… cynical, it’s ugly, it’s disgusting.”

What a difference a few hours make…

Later that same afternoon, Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight blog used science to prove that, without knowing it, Todd was really ranting against his own network. Silver’s numbers prove that MSNBC is the primary entity obsessed with “DisgustingEmbarrassaingCynical” impeachment talk, so obsessed the issue is brought up on Todd’s own network — get this — every 22 minutes.

If Todd’s truly concerned about the effect all this impeachment talk is having on voter turnout, this physician needs to heal his own network. It is MSNBC joining the White House in ginning up this phony cynicism to help with Democrat fundraising and turnout.

Come to think of it, Todd has also raged against outside money and influence in politics… as though his own network isn’t an unbelievably well-financed 24/7 Obama commercial that makes the Koch brothers’ political operation look like a lemonade stand.

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