CNN Anchor Calls Fox News Editors 'F*cksticks'

CNN Anchor Calls Fox News Editors 'F*cksticks'

***UPDATE: Weir has apologized. 

Worth noting that earlier this year Fox News chief Roger Ailes told me that Weir likes to attack Fox as a way to gain attention. Weir seems awfully eager to prove Ailes right.  

As first caught by Mediaite, using his verified Twitter account, CNN anchor and correspondent Bill Weir lashed out at Fox News as “willfully ignorant fucksticks” over a tweet from the network’s Website Fox Nation about the “climate” not cooperating with Al Gore.

This isn’t first time Weir has lashed out at Fox News. Back In April, during a tryout as a primetime anchor, Weir mocked Fox News for “abandoning” Cliven Bundy.

In an exclusive to Breitbart News, Fox News Chief Roger Ailes responded by describing Weir as “Bill Weird” and added,  Weir “is attacking me to get noticed. It’s a cheesy start for a mediocre talent.”

Weir’s primetime experiment was short-lived after he posted the second lowest ratings CNN had seen in 15 years

CNN is a cable news network that frequently lectures others on civility. A politician CNN considers uncivil is frequently brought on the air for an intense grilling. CNN has also been critical of Fox News anchors they deem uncivil. 

According to Mediaite, CNN has not yet responded to Weir publicly lashing out at Fox News. 

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