How CNN Mainstreamed the Terrorist Organization Hamas

How CNN Mainstreamed the Terrorist Organization Hamas

Earlier today I wrote about how the clip posted below proves that CNN is more civil to terrorists than to conservative Republicans. Today, though, CNN is making a huge deal out of the fact that Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan won’t retract his comment about Jews putting Christian blood in matzoh — as though Hamdan isn’t a savage terrorist representing a savage terrorist organization but is instead a legitimate political organization that said something inappropriate, untoward, and insensitive.

It’s easy to laugh off CNN’s breathtaking moral cluelessness, but the agenda here — to mainstream Islamic terrorists whose written charter calls for the extermination of Israel and all Jews; to allow a terrorist spokesman to come on the air like just another talking head — is nothing less than CNN legitimizing a mob of theocratic, genocidal barbarians and no better than doing the same for al Qaeda, the KKK, or the Nazis.

Having Blitzer interview a spokesperson for a terror organization as though he’s just another newsmaker is one thing. Today CNN is further legitimizing Hamas by ignoring their KILL ALL JEWS charter to instead focus on a politically incorrect statement, as though that is not the very least of their sins.

What will CNN do next, bring a clean-cut, fresh faced leader of the KKK on and browbeat him for washing his white sheets with detergent that harms the environment?

Hot Air’s Noah Rothman is more generous to CNN than I, but makes some very good points: [emphasis original]

When you turn on “The Situation Room,” you expect to see James Carville and Newt Gingrich bickering over tax rates or whatever; you don’t expect to see this guy, dressed in proper western business attire and seeming for all the world like any other talking head, babbling about whether Jews put Christian blood in their matzohs or not. It’s a bizarre simulacrum of a standard cable-news interview: The guest runs through his talking points, the host tries to score a point or two with a tough question, and, oh, by the way, do you believe that Jews eat babies? All I could think of while watching it was that old Onion cable-news spoof featuring a debate between a 9/11 Truther and a member of Al Qaeda. Blitzer’s not trying to mainstream this guy — I think — but by treating him, in the interest of “equal time,” as a spokesman/spin doctor like any other, that’s the effect. That’s why the blood libel feels extra shocking; mainstream commentators don’t believe such wretched things. And like it or not, this turd is mainstream now. Does that mean blood libels are too?

CNN’s campaign to undermine Israel and prove its moral neutrality to the world community can’t stop hitting bottom. 

And desperation makes you stupid and mean. 

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