MSNBC Anchor: Israel Responsible for Deaths Equal to 'One-Hundred 9/11s' In Gaza

MSNBC Anchor: Israel Responsible for Deaths Equal to 'One-Hundred 9/11s' In Gaza

MSNBC being left-wing is nothing new. But it is beyond the pale for an MSNBC anchor to say that Israel’s war of self defense against terrorists (who use children and civilians as human shields) has resulted in Israel being responsible for deaths equal to “one hundred 9/11s.”

The tears of the U.N. relief agency’s Chris Gunnas and the escalating condemnations of United Nations leaders up to and including Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General, who called the direct shelling of at least six schools where Palestinians were sheltering from the war with Israel, a moral outrage and a criminal act.

Those condemnations and expressions of outrage have done exactly nothing to protect civilians in Gaza. So far the war in Gaza has left more than 1800 Palestinians dead. The population equivalent to 100 9/11s, mostly civilians, and including women and hundreds of children along with 67 Israelis, mostly soldiers.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid offers no contextual facts that reveal the truth about Hamas; how that barbaric organization is not only doing everything in its power to ensure the deaths of Palestinian civilians but also counting on useful idiots like Reid to falsely lay all the blame on Israel.

Reid now has blood on her hands. She has not only given Hamas a propaganda win, but by making their strategy pay off, Reid has encouraged these savages to continue to put innocent children in harm’s way.

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