WaPo's Aaron Blake, Chris Cillizza Launch Partisan Twitter Attack on Rubio, Cruz

WaPo's Aaron Blake, Chris Cillizza Launch Partisan Twitter Attack on Rubio, Cruz

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake and Chris Cillizza pose as objective reporters (even though Cillizza’s second home is on MSNBC agreeing with every left-wing premise thrown his way). Both, though, dropped their guard Tuesday to launch illogical and unfounded partisan attacks on Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

And it’s probably no coincidence that Cruz and Rubio are Tea Party favorites and likely 2016 presidential candidates.

Citing a study that shows what each U.S. Senate office spends — even though Rubio and Cruz are not at the top but do hail from two of the largest and most populated states in the union (Florida and Texas, respectively) — below are the tweets Blake and Cillizza fired off while referencing the study.

As you can see, all that’s missing is the #ReadyForHillary hashtag.

The tweets weren’t just Blake and Cillizza launching their own anti-science partisan attacks. The bigger goal is much worse (unless you’re #ReadyForHillary): The tweets are undoubtedly a signal to the rest of the mainstream media to turn this piece of opposition research into a narrative against Rubio and Cruz. The idea of course is to tie them up in knots as hypocrites who oppose government spending but … LOOK AT HOW MUCH FEDERAL MONEY THEIR OFFICES SPEND!!!

This is how journalists like Blake and Cillizza think and operate. Other than playing goalie for Obama, The Washington Post doesn’t want to know nothin’ about Benghazi or the IRS. But a 25 year-old rock, a fifty year-old haircut, and a sweet gotcha! against Tea Party demons like Rubio and Cruz (for an office budget that revolves around constituent outreach) … brother, there’s a story worth telling.

And the 2016 presidential election is still 2 years away…

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