BaldGate: WaPo Trolls Someone Named 'Mario' Rubio

BaldGate: WaPo Trolls Someone Named 'Mario' Rubio

The Washington Post can’t be bothered to look into the IRS or Benghazi scandals. But in the midst of celebrating the 40th anniversary of President Nixon’s resignation, the Post shows just how far it has fallen since the halcyon days of Watergate by trolling Republican Senator Marco Rubio. The headline and story can’t even get his name correct:

Mario Rubio is balding. Will it cost him the presidency?!? …

Mario Rubio’s hairline: game-changer…or GAME-CHANGER? …

So, Senator Rubio, no need for Propecia or implants or this.  Whatever hurdles you may face in 2016, your hairline isn’t one of them.



See what the Washington Post did there? It’s not about the story, which says Rubio’s hairline doesn’t matter, it’s about the headline, which is meant to pick up traction and make Rubio’s hairline fodder for the rest of the media.

It’s all about attempting to make a mockery of Rubio; to humiliate an appealing young conservative who will someday (maybe 2016) run for president.

Try to imagine a WaPo headline that read: Hillary Is Old and Obese. Will It Cost Her the Presidency?

The left-wing Post would never publish such a thing, even though the age and weight of potential presidential contenders has been treated as a legitimate news subject for as long as I’ve been following presidential politics.  

The author of the piece is John Sides, whose Post photo and bio reeks of middle-aged white privilege; which might explain why all Hispanic names look alike to him.



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