NBC Wishes 'Happy Birthday' to Obama's Policy of Not Deporting Illegal Aliens

NBC Wishes 'Happy Birthday' to Obama's Policy of Not Deporting Illegal Aliens

It has been two years since President Obama changed his immigration policy so that fewer illegal aliens are deported, and NBC thought so much of the change that it took time to celebrate the policy’s two-year anniversary.

The policy being celebrated is Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a policy that gave young immigrants a chance to apply for a waiver so that they might stay in this country.

NBC cited several immigrant children who claimed that the policy change has “improved” their lives, ostensibly because they no longer have to worry about breaking America’s immigration laws.

“About 587,000 young immigrants have received DACA during the two years since Obama authorized the deferrals,” NBC reported on August 15. “A little more than 20,000 were denied DACA. The Migration Policy Institute estimates about 55 percent of 1.2 million youths who meet the program’s criteria have applied.”

“One of the happiest days of my life is when I applied for DACA,” NBC reported that Hugo Sanabria of Florida said. “From that day on, my days got easier. I was finally able to get a job and started taking more classes and living without the fear of getting deported.”

NBC also favorably noted that a survey of 1,400 young illegals found that a quarter of them had “become more politically involved” since Obama pushed through DACA.

It was also reported that young illegals who went through the process have helped others do the same.

The NBC report did lament that many illegals still fear the process, thinking that they may end up deported anyway.

Because of this fear, but also because of provisions of the law itself, NBC says, the program has not grown as it could.

NBC insisted, “the program has had mixed results because hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth have not come forward to apply, some thwarted by education requirements or the $465 application cost.”

So, perhaps NBC might want the fees and further rules waived, and the network noted that Obama is making plans for “reforms” of the policy.

In closing, though, NBC notes that the Republicans have attempted to end Obama’s DACA, claiming that the policy is an “overreach” of Obama’s authority. NBC hastens to point out that “many experts disagree.”

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