Exclusive–Krauthammer: Obama Exec Amnesty 'Impeachable,' but 'Absolutely' Don't Impeach

Exclusive–Krauthammer: Obama Exec Amnesty 'Impeachable,' but 'Absolutely' Don't Impeach

On Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” on Thursday, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer echoed an argument he had made on previous occasions on the unconstitutionality of President Barack Obama’s proposed executive amnesty, which he argued rises to a level of an impeachable offense.

However, despite some reports calling suggesting Krauthammer was calling for congressional Republicans to impeach the president, Krauthammer explained to Breitbart News that wasn’t the case.

“I’ve said at least a half-dozen times on TV and written in my column that the Republicans should absolutely, positively not try to impeach the president,” Krauthammer explained in an email. “On several of these occasions I have said that Obama’s executive order on immigration is a gross violation of the Constitution and is in principle and in theory an impeachable offense. The point was to stress the gravity of the constitutional violation. But I have also consistently and repeatedly said that impeachment would be self-defeating, counterproductive, a huge political error. We’ve been there. We know the result.”

Krauthammer also reiterated his insistence that impeachment was a desperate tactic by Obama to lure Republicans into a politically untenable situation.

“Indeed I have speculated that the Executive Order on immigration is in part impeachment bait – the desperate attempt by a flailing president to recapture the initiative – that the Republicans should unequivocally not take,” he added.

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