Brandon Darby Breaks Down Critical Race Theory and How Leftist Protests Operate

Brandon Darby Breaks Down Critical Race Theory and How Leftist Protests Operate

According to Breitbart Texas’s managing editor Brandon Darby, the Ferguson protests and riots have been a roaring success for the institutional left.

He told Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that in Ferguson and across the nation, the institutional left has reinvigorated their grass roots base. According to Darby, “They were able to get numbers just like they did with the Occupy movement… They were able to spread their message over 70 U.S. cities.”

Although Darby says that the left doesn’t micromanage the riots and tell them to go ahead and burn down individual stores, they set the stage and let the individual demonstrators innovate their destructive behavior.

Darby appeared on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot Radio channel 125 from 7-10 p.m. ET. He claims that what is happening in Ferguson is the same as what happened when he was a young and idealistic liberal and wanted to help change the world for what he thought at the time was the better.

Darby sharpened his political teeth on the left as a wide eyed and bushy tailed “average participant,” beginning his journey in what is called the green group of the leftist movement. According to Darby, the institutional left breaks down leftist activists into three separate groups: green, yellow, and red.

The former liberal activist says that he was greatly influenced by leftist organizer Lisa Fithian (a.k.a. Professor Occupy) who organized the leftist movement into the three groups. He pointed out that it was the same way she organized the 2008 Republican presidential protests.

Darby explained that the green group shows up at rallies and are your basic law abiding liberals, while the yellow group, who take things a bit further, is willing to “lock-down” and get arrested for the cause. However, when the left needs heavy lifting, they call upon the red group, which Darby refers to as the “thugs, the violent people, the looters, the people who burn things down, who wear the masks and throw the rocks and the molotovs.”

With great deception, Darby explained, after the red group conducts their mayhem, they will take off their masks and blend into the green group. When the police come looking for the violent perpetrators within the green group, the average participant feels as though the cops are harassing them “for no reason because they were there peacefully, not realizing that they themselves are there as part of a larger plan.” This distraction allows the yellow group an opportunity to further obstruct or “lock down,” as Darby would say.

The model being used at Ferguson is designed by Fithian, according to Darby, and is the same model that was used in Seattle at the WTO meetings in 1999, in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, with the Occupy movement, and at the 2008 RNC.

Breitbart’s Darby says that he started as an “average participant” and moved into a leadership role for the institutional left after the protests in New Orleans inspired by Hurricane Katrina. “After I started to eat and dine with these people, I began to realize who they really were,” he said. “So I began to turn on them.”

Darby had an epiphany when he realized that the leaders of the movement wanted him to do to “the incoming 20-year-olds who had a passion to change the world, what they had done to me, which was to manipulate me, give me a skewed version of history, brainwash me, and make me do their bidding and get myself in trouble when they, like radical rulers, would sit there and avoid jail time.”

Moreover, Darby asserted that “the institutional left has more power with the Democratic party now than they ever did in my entire lifetime.” Included in his list of leftists would be the President, Michelle Obama, and Eric Holder.

The left believes, as defined by the Peoples Institute founded by Ron Chisom, a critical race theorist, “that capitalism in its truest form is white supremacist,” said Darby. “Any system that is about hoarding and looking out for each other, taking for yourself and not sharing, is in fact a white supremacist system.” On the other hand, Darby contends that the left believes that “people of color” are more aligned with a system based on sharing and community.

According to Darby, any belief in a system that looks out for oneself and promotes individual freedom and achievement is a “white supremacist system according to the left.” Darby explained that the derivation of hoarding came from white European cultures who were forced to hoard goods to hold them over for the fiercely cold winters.

“So if you want to be anti-racist, you have to accept and promote systems that came from communities of color and temperate climates, where everyone shared and looked out for each other. So anything that is about capitalism and individualism is in fact white supremacy,” Darby explained.

Darby emphasized that Attorney General Eric Holder added fire to the flames of Ferguson by going there and not condemning the behavior of the anarchists bent on destroying buildings, businesses, and setting fire to the city. Moreover, Darby says the left is winning, because people are too quick to excuse them and try too hard to get along with them.

The media in particular spends too much time trying to understand the rage of the left rather than condemning it. “Our complacency is why we are losing our nation,” concluded Darby.