Dish Network Gets Dished

AP Photo/Richard Drew
AP Photo/Richard Drew

“Dish Has Lost 90,000 Subs from Fox News Blackout”—that’s the January 7 headline from Multichannel News, a cable trade magazine.

As reported here at Breitbart News last month, the fight between Fox News and the Dish Network—Dish dropped Fox in a contract dispute—has escalated into a war. And Dish is losing.

Fox News fan Greg Scandlen, a Dish subscriber who has lost access to Fox, was moved recently to compose a regretful lamentation; as a self-described “news junkie,” Scandlen described with revulsion the experience of surfing through CNN and MSNBC. Scandlen wasn’t really surprised by the liberal bias. He noted, for example that in its year-end wrap-up, CNN chose to omit any mention of the 2014 midterm election results (why bring up bad memories for Democrats?). Nevertheless, Scandlen added, he learned something:

The really surprising thing to me was the technical superiority of Fox News over these other outlets. In every way that enhances the viewing experience—lighting, camera angles, makeup, sound quality, sets, supporting graphics—CNN just looks amateurish, like what you might see coming out of a high-school journalism class. MSNBC is better in these areas, but still not up to the Fox News standard.

Scandlen concluded:

So, overall, I really want to get Fox back in my life, and I hate Dish for depriving me of it. I haven’t quite decided if it is worth paying the early termination penalty to get out of my two-year contract, but I’m sorely considering it.

No wonder, then, KeepFoxNews has become a hot website.