Snapchat Premieres New Web Series Featuring Steven Spielberg’s Daughter


Social messaging service Snapchat premiered a new short-form Web series on Saturday featuring the daughters of Hollywood titans Steven Spielberg and John Goldwyn.

Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn will write and star in Literally Can’t Even, a series about the pair’s adventures as writing partners and friends in Los Angeles, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The series’ first five-minute episode, “Sip & Surf Party XXX,” is available beginning Saturday on Snapchat’s new Discovery platform, however users will have to access it quickly if they want to see it; in keeping with the Snapchat model, each episode of the series will disappear 24 hours after it debuts each Saturday.

“These our snapshots of our life, which is perfect for Snapchat,” Emily Goldwyn told the Hollywood Reporter. “It feels perfect for the generation that we’re writing for.”

Snapchat’s Discovery platform allows the messaging service to partner with sponsors like CNN, Cosmopolitan, and Comedy Central to deliver original content to users of the app. Discovery also features Snapchat’s own Snap Channel, where it will debut original content.

“Snapchatters consume and create and we’ve always embraced that,” Snapchat media production director Rylee Ebsen told THR. “When it came to Discover, we wanted to have a seat at the table.”

The first reviews of the new show have not been kind; Gizmodo rated the first episode a 2/10 in quality and a “100000/100000 in nepotism.”

“Wow!!!!! They knocked this one out of the park and into a very fancy park for rich people we don’t even know about. Impressive nepotism going on here for SURE,” Gizmodo’s Kate Knibbs wrote. “The leads/writers are Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn, daughters of Dawson Leary’s favorite director Steven Spielberg and legacy film producer John Goldwyn. Good stuff.”

TheNextWeb’s Owen Williams was a bit harsher.

“It’s like the worst of YouTube culture met the worst of millennial stereotypes bankrolled by a company that really wants to be cool,” Williams wrote.

The Snap Channel is not the only channel on the platform launching original series; AT&T will launch its own superhero Snapchat Web series, called SnapperHero, according to Variety. Like Spielberg and Goldwyn’s new show, each episode will disappear 24 hours after its debut.