Luis Gutierrez: Mainstream Media Not Doing Enough to Advance Amnesty

Associated Press
Associated Press

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) believes that the mainstream media have not done enough to advance the pro-amnesty amnesty.

The mainstream media, in their “balanced” immigration reports, often have a pro-amnesty Republican and a pro-amnesty Democrat touting the benefits of comprehensive amnesty legislation while never mentioning the impact such legislation will have on American workers outside of the permanent political class. Pro-enforcemnet voices are never given the time of day. In fact, Univision’s Jorge Ramos, who has interviewed pro-enforcemnet advocates like D.A. King, has been more fair and balanced than his mainstream media brethren on the immigration issue–and that’s saying something.


The mainstream press lauds DREAMers as valedictorians, vilifies Americans opposed to amnesty because of the impact it would have on American workers of all backgrounds, and ignores crimes committed by illegal immigrants. And when Gallup, the organization the mainstream press most respects, publishes a poll that found only seven percent of Americans want more immigration at this time, the media that is quick to publish every bit of minutiae from the reputable Gallup organization ignores it. But that is still not enough for Gutierrez, who declared “they haven’t understood our relevance.”

“We’re still not as important as we should be,” he said in a interview with TeleSur English when asked if the mainstream press is aiding anti-amnesty advocates.

Gutierrez, speaking of the 11 million illegal immigrants, said that “there are still workers that are invisible to America,” but conceded that they are “showing themselves more and more.”

The Illinois Rep. is considered the godfather of the pro-amnesty movement and is in the middle of a nationwide executive amnesty tour to educate illegal immigrants about the executive amnesty application process. Gutierrez believes that it will be tougher for Republicans to overturn or defund Obama’s executive amnesty if millions of illegal immigrants sign up for it it in the coming months. He also said that he wished the majority of states that filed a lawsuit against Obama’s executive amnesty plenty of “bad luck” in court.