Sarah Palin: Brian Williams Iraq War Lies Another Nail in Legacy Media’s Coffin

Associated Press
Associated Press

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin predicted that NBC News anchor Brian Williams’s lies about having been shot down in a military helicopter at the beginning of the Iraq War will compel more Americans to abandon legacy media outlets for new media organizations.

“It’s said that a man’s word can affect the course of history. Certainly a man with a microphone can. Mainstream media lies. Without accountability their power can influence national debate, shift momentum, and destroy a person’s good name. All affecting history,” she wrote in a Thursday Facebook post. “When one of their own repeats a lie for 12 years but is excused with the help of the media’s herd mentality, tragic distrust and despondency blankets our land. The veil is torn, however, with the revelation of exaggerated, self-centered falsehoods like NBC’s perpetual lie that belittled our soldiers and their truly courageous missions.

“The face of that network’s news lied about combat experiences in Iraq and then with false humility accepted the title of “war hero” while the press ignores, disrespects, and often destroys the good name of our true war heroes. To me, that’s like soiling sacred ground.”

Palin said that Williams’s “sad tale” is made “even worse because even in his explanation he is deceiving.”

“Brian Williams equated himself with our honorable vets and troops in combat boots with a made-up story of his courage and victorious return to the make-up chair strolling in his Bruno Maglis back to read his TelePrompTer’s twisted scripts, and we were forced to swallow it all,” she wrote. “That was then. This is now, when we can thank God for new unconventional media that scatters the deceiving herd that would do this to America.”

The former Alaska governor whom the mainstream media has unjustly vilified and trashed with blatant falsehoods and lies asked what else the mainstream press and the liberals they protect are lying about before saying that “an enlightened public grows more confident everyday knowing we do not have to settle for mainstream garbage insulting our intelligence as it’s sold as ‘news’. The American public deserves so much better and it’s encouraging to see so many rise up and demand better.”

“It’s why we’ve turned off the old, we turn on the new, and we’ll never look back,” she added. “Be encouraged though, America! The demise of old media is a result of us saying, ‘No more.’ It shows you what you can accomplish as a free and exceptional nation! We demand truth in reporting by shifting a market away from those refusing to give it. We demand adherence to our Constitution by taking back our government from those refusing to do it. We demand the fundamental restoration of America by refusing to bend to anyone dangerously transforming it.”

Prominent pipsqueaks in the mainstream media, though, have either defended their darling Williams or used the opportunity to take swipes at the unwashed new media that holds them to account.