CNN’s Dana Bash Sides with Obama over Rep. Jim Jordan and the Constitution

Washington, DC

In a somewhat contentious interview contentious interview dealing with the current Homeland Security funding debate with Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), CNN’s Dana Bash didn’t have much patience with arguments involving the U.S. Constitution.

Her only agenda was portraying Jordan as something less than an honorable man, without a plan, intent on making trouble for Obama and perhaps even Republicans—and little else.

Per Mediaite: “Your fellow Republican colleagues think that you are more interested in chaos and sticking to principle than your responsibility of governing,” said Bash. And if that wasn’t enough, she quoted Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), in effect calling Jordan a phony: “I prefer to be in an arena voting than trying to placate a small group of phony conservative members who have no credible policy proposals and no political strategy to stop Obama’s lawlessness.”

Bash had absolutely no interest in hearing the genuine argument that this problem began with the now broadly acknowledged unconstitutional actions of Barack Obama, actions that the entire country refuted at the polls in November, according to Jordan.

“Look, I don’t call — say things about my colleagues,” Jordan responded. “What I do know is this — last November, there was an election. This was an important issue in that election. The voters spoke loud and clear. They gave us an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives. They gave the United States Senate majority to the Republican Party as well. And we know this is unconstitutional.

Pressing further, Bash interjected saying Jordan sounds no different than his Republican leadership but suggested they are more likely to get something done by “living in the reality of the process” because they realize “they don’t have the votes ultimately to do it without shutting down the Department of Homeland Security.”

Bash clearly had her position staked out going into the interview and, far from being an objective journalist, used the entire sit-down to advocate for it as strongly as any Democrat or ally of the White House. The video below displays an incredible level of political bias on her part.

The interview began with Bash asking “I want to ask the first question that everybody out there is probably asking, probably in disgust, saying, really? what is wrong with Congress? Why can’t you govern? And why can’t you fund a government agency that keeps us safe?”