Geraldo Rivera: Guns For Me, But Not For Thee

Fox News
Fox News

On Friday, Breitbart News reported that Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera said “far too many” Americans own guns legally. Months early, on August 28, he said the 2nd Amendment was “blind and stupid.”

However, if we back up just a bit further — to December 31, 2001 — we find the following AP headline: “Geraldo Packs Gun and a TV Camera.”

The AP story is about “Rivera’s decision to bring a gun into a war zone.” Something they say Rivera did while reporting near Tora Bora, Afghanistan, and something which made other journalists wary of being near Rivera.

For example, the AP quotes correspondent Peter Arnett as saying: “If the word gets out that a journalist is carrying a gun, it makes it more difficult for everyone.” He suggested that carrying a gun changes the landscape for wartime journalists by giving enemy soldiers cause to “look at reporters, particularly American reporters, as some kind of opponent.”

Knowledge of Rivera’s wartime gun-totting came via his own admission a week before the AP story ran. It happened on Fox News, where Rivera said, “If they’re going to get us, it’s going to be in a gun fight.” An anchor followed up on the question by asking Rivera if he was carrying a gun and he responded by “nodding yes.”

It appears that a gun is a good thing to have when Rivera’s life is on the line but when the lives of average Americans are on the line — as they are everyday in the cities and towns of America — a gun is just another reminder of the “blind and stupid” 2nd Amendment.

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