Bloomberg Apologizes for Photoshopping Hillary’s Head onto Separate Pantsuit

Bloomberg Hillary Clinton
Bloomberg Politics
New York, NY

Bloomberg TV was snared photoshopping Hillary Clinton’s head onto another image of her body wearing a pantsuit to use for a promotional graphic for its special coverage of the former Secretary’s news conference at the UN Tuesday.

These days Hillary is sporting a short-cropped hair style. Apparently Bloomberg didn’t want to take the time to find a current photo of her for its graphic. So, it took a photo of the Secretary in a purple pantsuit but photoshopped her head from another image then cropped her hair.

Almost immediately the Internet started buzzing with bloggers and news people wondering just what the heck Bloomberg thought it was doing.

Among other sites, feminist blog Jezebel called the photoshopped image “tragic.”

Jezebel wondered, “Why would Bloomberg choose to use this mangled photoshopped illustration of Clinton rather than one of the thousands upon thousands of real photos of Clinton available on Getty or AP?”

Another left-wing site, Blue Review, claimed that Bloomberg created the photoshopped image to “make Hillary look worse.”

AdWeek echoed that saying that many felt the image Bloomberg created was an ” unflattering image” that “was intentional.”

It wasn’t long before Bloomberg had to apologize for the graphic calling it a “bad call.”

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